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About Dholera City

World’s Largest Planed Smart Industrial City

Dholera Special Investment Region

Jivandeep Infrastructure since 1998 after after providing insurance related services to thousands of peoples with greater victory now making its new investment idea with Jivandeep Infrastructure in Dholera “ a Vision of an investment region of our honorable Prime Minister of Shri Narendra Modi”.

About Dholera

As per Indian government planning for development of Mega City Dholera is considered in Gujarat for development. Delhi Mumbai corridor project will be passing through many of the states. D.M.I.C. is the Joint venture of Indian Government and Japan Government which will have important part in enhancing of G.D.P. of our country. This Scheme of Dlohera SIR was published on 02/05/2009. State Government has given a greater contribution in the development of this area by setup of an apex authority called G.I.D.B.

Dholera is going to become Asia’s largest Industrial Hub. Shenzhen China is spread in 32,700 hector while Dholera will develop in 50,000 hector of area. Dholera will connect with 250 Express Spine Central way and a Metro linked to Ahmadabad and also includes an international Air Port. Gujarat’s developing international level city “Dholera” has very liking peculiarity. India’s very first SIR Act was formed in Gujarat which also shows a greater commitment of our government.

In the liberalized market of India the importance and size of investment is continuously increasing. At this time for the safe future safe investment does very beneficial in long term. From the many options of real estate investment investing in residential plot is more profitable, beneficial and safe.

With a great pleasure, spirit and zeal our company here comes with a best investment option in residential plots. “Reciprocal Coordination will open the door of success for both” is the theory company follows. We are very excited for providing our investors more and more benefit. For a good return and investor’s satisfaction, schemes with creative thinking, perfect planning, incredible system and by the mean of small target by small investments and commitment company will definitely be succeed.

  • A good opportunity for developing private SEZ park & FTWZ
  • Asia’s biggest industrial Hub developed in 9225 hector.
  • With Thousands of Crores of MOU in Vibrant Gujarat 2013
  • Employment to 3,42,400 peoples
  • Total 910 Sq. k.m. development area , 360 Sq. K.M. Town Planning based development which include 22 villages.
  • 1700 megawatt Power
  • 6 lane internal roads with service lane and 55 meter width Tram Ways
  • 400 km. internal road, network, 95 km LRT, 6 central business district and 3 knowledge & I.T. zone
  • 947 LMT water facility
  • Use of Non fertile land and environmental preservation with people participation
  • Master plan made by international company Helco Chuke

Zoning included in Dholera

Residential zone
Industrial zone
High Access corridor
City center
Knowledge & IT
Recreation & Sports
Public facility
Costal regulatory Zone
Strategic Infrastucture

8 Core Industrial Sector included in Dholera

Heavy Engineering
Auto mobile and Auto Ancillary
Electronics, High Tech and Modern Technology related Industry
Pharmaceutical & Bio Technology
Metal & Metal related Products
General Manufacturing
Agro & Food Processing
Information Technology & Services